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What's the secret to success in music?

We caught up with our CEO, Ian Mack, to ask him this and other questions about the course and why it matters.

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How The Course Works

This course is designed as a 3 Step Programme to help you improve the knowledge, skills and opportunities you need to supercharge your career.


Get Smarter

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets to building a successful music career from leading music makers, industry executives and expert educators.

  • Cutting-edge information
  • Engaging video content
  • Daily activities
  • Walkthrough tutorials
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Support from our online community


Get Better

Improve yourself, your music, your project, and your network using our talent development toolkit, step-by-step action checklist and joining our global talent pool.

  • Professional toolkits
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Career Development Checklist
  • Walkthrough tutorials
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Support from our online community


Get Heard

Get in front of our music industry partners through our global conferences and events, newsletter, the WaveMakr Awards and global talent pool.

  • Join our Talent Pool
  • Industry newsletter
  • Global online conference
  • Enter our "Wavemakr Awards"
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Other opportunities as announced


Get Smarter
14 Day Course Curriculum

Here's what you're going to learn in Step 1 of 14 Day Music Career Builder




Career Building 

with Ian Mack, CEO of TheWRD

  • Learn the secrets to building a successful career
  • Discover an effective model for personal development
  • ACTIVITY: Use TheWRD's Career Model Evaluator to identify ways to improve your life


Talent Management

with Lucas Keller,
President of Milk & Honey

  • Explore how talent management works
  • Identify what to look for in a manager
  • Identify what to look for in talent
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your talent and management team


Songs, Songwriters & Publishers 

with Warner Chappell Music

  • Explore how music publishing works
  • Discuss ways to improve music publishing
  • Identify qualities to look for in songs, songwriters, publishers and business colleagues
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your songs using the TheWRD's Song Strength Calculator


Records, Artists,
Producers & Labels

with Anika Mottershaw, A&R and Project Manager at Bella Union

  • Learn how the recorded music industry works
  • Identify qualities to look for in artists, records, producers and business colleagues
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your records using the TheWRD's Record Strength Calculator


Live Music Events

with Lauren Down, Managing Director at End of The Road Festival

  • Explore the live music environment
  • Examine the stages of putting on a great event
  • Discover how to build your team
  • Identify how to make your events profitable
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your event using the TheWRD's Event Strength Calculator



with Rebecca Mason-Evans
Europe & UK Marketing Lead at PIRATE.COM

  • Explain what marketing is
  • Discover what makes a strong brand
  • Examine how to plan an effective marketing campaign
  • Discover some hacks to get heard
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your brand using the TheWRD's Brand Strength Calculator


Promo & Getting Your Music Played

with Anika Mottershaw from Bella Union and Ross O'Watson from Amazon Music

  • TheWRD on promotions
  • Discuss the role of DSPs and where they sit in the modern music¬†landscape
  • ACTIVITY:¬†Assess the likelihood of your release being playlisted with TheWRD's¬†Getting Playlisted Calculator


Distribution & Sales

with Sam Wilce, Partnerships Manager at Ditto Music

  • Explore insider tips on music distribution
  • Get to grips with music metadata do‚Äôs & don‚Äôts
  • Understand digital streaming platform guidelines you need to follow
  • Confidently create your own release campaign
  • ACTIVITY:¬†Set-up Ditto Account and Upload Release


Revenue & Collection

with Emily White, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author and Podcaster

  • Identify income streams and collect your revenue
  • Learn how to create and manage budgets
  • Discover what makes a great accountant and when you need one
  • ACTIVITY:¬†Identify where you might be able to increase revenue¬†with TheWRD's Revenue Streams Evaluator

DAY 10

Contracts, Copyright & Other Legals

with Ian Mack, CEO of TheWRD & Alice Rudge from Russells Solictors

  • Learn the fundamentals of music contracts
  • Learn the fundamentals of copyright
  • Explore authroship, song splits, sampling and plagiarism
  • ACTIVITY: Evaluate the strength of your legal position using TheWRD's Legal Position Checklist

DAY 11

Creative Entrepreneurship

with Erinn Knight,
President of Build Your Own Dreams

  • Discover how to become an entrepreneur
  • Discover how to build a successful business from scratch
  • Identify the critical factors for success or failure
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your entrepreneurial skills with TheWRD's Entrepreneur Strength Calculator

DAY 12

Social Impact

with Graham Davies
CEO of The Ivors Academy

  • Explore what social impact is
  • Identify a cause
  • Examine how to create social impact
  • ACTIVITY: Assess the strength of your social impact project using TheWRD's Social Impact¬†Checklist

DAY 13

Becoming Your Best Self

with Melissa Garcia, Co-founder, Manager & Consultant at Collective Entertainment, Inc.

  • Discover how to visualise your best self
  • Identify blockers to becoming your best self
  • Identify your personal values
  • Identify solutions to your blockers
  • ACTIVITY:¬†Identify solutions to your personal blockers using TheWRD's Personal Development Worksheet.

DAY 14

Where You At?

with Ian Mack, CEO of TheWRD

  • Measuring the distance you've travelled
  • Re-assessing your position
  • Exploring what's next
  • ACTIVITY:¬†Complete your¬†14 Day Career Development¬†Workbook


Get Better

Once you finish Step 1 of the course, you will receive further encouragement and support to use our toolkits, weekly live Q&A sessions, and our step-by-step action checklist to improve yourself, your music, and your projects.

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Get Heard

 As a graduate of TheWRD, you'll be able to connect and collaborate with industry friends in TheWRD's Talent Pool. You'll also have exclusive access to discounts, benefits and opportunities to get in front of industry through our events, industry newsletter, and other visability opportunities.

You will also have the chance to submit your project to our "Wavemakr Awards", where we will select 5 entrants to be "Spotlight" features on our next global conference, industry newsletter and get exposure through our network of global media channels.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs
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 Why we created this course.

Not having the right skills and connections you need to succeed is a HUGE problem.

Wasting Time and Money on the
Wrong Content

Sure, you can learn things on YouTube and other online courses. But, the content is often irrelevant, badly organised, expensive, or, in some cases, ALL three.

No Toolkits and Step-by-Step Checklist 

Watching content is fun and convenient. But a big part of learning is doing. And I don't have professional toolkits and step-by-step action guides to show me exactly what I need to do.

Getting Noticed
Can Be Hugely Difficult

It's fine having the rights skills and projects. But, without the right people to help you, it's going to be extremely difficult to fulfil your true potential.

Introducing the 14 Day Music Career Builder

To bridge this gap in our industry, we've brought together top music makers and educators to help you develop the knowledge, skills and connections you need in the shortest time possible.

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Get Smarter 

Learn the secrets to building a successful career in music from top music makers, industry execs and expert educators, in just the fastest time frame possible.

Get Better 

Improve yourself, your music, your campaigns and your projects using  practical toolkits, strength calculators and step-by-step action checklist.

Get Heard 

Make connections and get in front of our music industry partners through our global talent pool, events, newsletter, the WaveMakr Awards. 

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Here are a few things the industry is saying about TheWRD.

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